Grant Shelley, Antony Prasad & Amin Kroll | Introduction and Wi-Fi Survey Demo

Mark Krischer | Understanding Wireless Security and WPA3

Aaron Scott | Designing for the “Unknown”: Event Wi-Fi

Dom Fitzgibbon | Design, Deploy, Test, Survey, Monitor, Troubleshoot Wireless Life-cycle

Keith Parsons | Tips, Techniques and Tools for Troubleshooting Wireless LANs

Devaiah Nellamakada | Designing Wi-Fi in a Multi-floor Building with Atriums

Haydn Andrews | Warehouse Wireless Design

Francois Verges & Stephen Cooper |Design Considerations for Wi-Fi 6

Anssi Tauriainen | Harder Tech. Easier Tools

Anssi talks about the advancements in Wi-Fi technology that make it better, yet more complex to manage and understand. At the same time they will look at the shiny new Wi-Fi tools that are becoming easier to use, making survival in the Wi-Fi jungle more likely. The new, easier tools will even create disruption in the market place, giving the most innovative and brightest of Wi-Fi folks a significant competitive advantage.

David Corbett | Delivering Free WiFi Across the NHS

David will provide an overview of how he and his team supported the delivery of free WiFi across the secondary care and primary care NHS estate across England which included over 200 NHS Trusts and 7,500 GP surgeries, and how free WiFi is benefiting patients receiving NHS care and clinicians and other healthcare professionals working across the NHS in England.

Keith Parsons | Tips, Techniques, and Tools for Troubleshooting Wireless LANs

A quick “best of” highlights from a full Wireless LAN Troubleshooting course. An overview of the entire process from Wi-Fi client devices to full two-way packets traversing the Internet. With specific examples, processes, and especially the tools needed to solve Wireless problems, even when they aren’t.

Mark O’Leary | Federated Roaming: Design Pattern and Results

Some years ago, the education sector identified an opportunity to cut the overheads associated with providing guest connectivity and thus support increased collaboration and resource sharing. The implementation of this idea ultimately became known as eduroam. Today, in the UK in a typical month we see around 1.5 million unique devices roaming to eduroam-equipped venues, facilitating around 11 million roaming-days of work by staff and students. The same technology has recently been deployed to wider public sector stakeholders in the form of govroam, with the goal of realising similar productivity gains and savings for UK PLC.

Jim Vajda | Wi-Fi Performance Monitoring as a Design Tool

Real AP’s and real clients don’t always behave the ways we assume they will, and that has implications for design, capacity planning, validation, and application performance. Insights from a Wi-Fi performance monitoring system can be used in place of the usual assumptions to improve the accuracy of WLAN design and support ongoing operations. Jim will walk you through some real-world examples of designs that benefitted from using 7SIGNAL’s solutions.

Peter MacKenzie | Analysing Roaming Protocols

There are many different Wi-Fi roaming protocols, both standard-based and proprietary, but how do they work? How do these protocols improve user experience? What is the difference between them? Which should I implement? This session will answer these questions and demystify the complexly of Wi-Fi roaming.

Ian Tearle | Is 802.11ax the Promised Land?

The 802.11ax standard heralds in the sixth-generation of Wi-Fi. Dubbed “Wi-Fi 6” by the Wi-Fi Alliance the promised benefits are massive, but what are engineers actually seeing in the real-world and has it changed the way we manage Wi-Fi networks? Ian Tearle will have a look at what’s been seen in the first 10 months of the year and whether adoption is on track with industry predictions.

Richard Shelford | Wi-Fi Security Essentials

Wireless networks are forcing organizations to completely rethink how they secure their networks and devices to prevent attacks that expose critical assets and confidential data. By their very nature, wireless networks are difficult to secure and manage, even for experienced network administrators.

Join Richard to learn some key Wi-Fi security essentials, including:

  • Reducing your attack surface
  • Preventing accidental associations
  • Defending against evil twin attacks
  • Identifying rogue access points and personal hotspots
  • Enforcing web and application control

Andrew McHale | Designing Wi-Fi for Voice

Want to deploy Wi-Fi that works for any Voice client? Join Andrew as he shares the core parameters you control that make the difference between a poor voice experience and a great one.

WiFi Ninjas | How to Design, Install and Validate RTLS

The WiFi Ninjas will cover all aspects of what is required to design, install and validate a proper RTLS deployment using multiple vendors.

They will compare different architectures and location methods including triangulation, Cisco Hyperlocation / angle of arrival, BLE built in and beacon, and discuss use cases supported by real deployments (all Cisco) and their own lab testing.

In the presentation they will cover the following:

  • Use cases for various tracking methods: triangulation, Hyperlocation / AoA, BLE built in, BLE beacons, vBLE
  • Requirements, challenges & design considerations
  • How to validate and calibrate Wi-Fi location tracking accuracy
  • Benefits to why you would want to track clients
  • Using API to develop tracking tools in-house
  • Demos based on Cisco and Mist

Nick Turner | Mastering Ekahau’s New Connect Solution

In this presentation, Nick will explain, through hands-on demos, how to take full advantage of Ekahau’s latest Wi-Fi tools that have just gone through a major overhaul.

Round Table Discussion

Our speakers take to the stage to discuss 802.11ax, AI and the ideal Wi-Fi Design toolkit.

Jussi Kiviniemi | Ekahau, Wi-Fi and the Universe

Jussi talks about what’s new with Ekahau. He also talks about the kind of changes Wi-Fi engineers should expect with Wi-Fi, wireless tools, and their jobs.

Steven Heinsius | 7 Ways to Fail + 7 New Ways to Fail: The Famous Fourteen

When Steven created ‘7 Ways to Fail’ he just wanted to make a summary of common mistakes and how to prevent them, he never thought they would become famous. Now he has 7 new fails, creating ‘The Famous Fourteen’!

The Famous Fourteen Handout

Peter MacKenzie | Expellianalysis

Removing problems from the hand of your network – Protocol Analysers can be magical troubleshooting tools, providing the information within trace files is correctly interpreted. This session will give some practical tips for interpreting WLAN traces files and highlight some common mistakes made.

Nick Turner| Ekahau Custom Report Templates

Nick Turner is a self-appointed authority on creating custom report templates for Ekahau. In this session he shows you his top tips and tricks to create the perfect templates which can save you hours of tedious manual report creation.

Dobias Van Ingen | How Analytics Will Become a New Superpower in Our 24/7 Wi-Fi Infrastructures

A famous quote by Heraclitus is “The only thing that is constant is change”. Mobility is growing faster than ever. More devices are using wireless technology, and newer and faster standards are constantly on the horizon. Controllers, access points and other infrastructure devices collect more data than ever before. Dobias discusses how to use this data to optimize, monitor and innovate your Wi-Fi infrastructures.

Keith Parsons | Things I’ve Learned about WLAN Design (After Teaching Hundreds of Classes)

Based on Keith’s experience teaching thousands of students – he tackles the things NOT to do when designing Wireless LANs. He then focuses on the tips, tricks, and techniques to make designing WLANs as simple as possible.

Round Table Discussion

Our speakers take to the stage to discuss 802.11ax, AI and the ideal Wi-Fi Design toolkit.

Jussi Kiviniemi | In The Year 2000

Mark Krischer | Understanding RF

Matt Fowler | AI and Analytics in Wi-Fi

Jim Steinbacher| Hacking Wi-Fi

Aaron Scott | Stadium Wi-Fi Design

Keith Parsons | The Difference Between Wi-Fi that Works and Wi-Fi that Doesn’t

Round Table Discussion

Jussi Kiviniemi | Wi-Fi Site Surveys – Absolutely Essential or Time Wasted?

Jussi explores what a wireless site survey is, their value to the design process, and whether you need to do them.

Peter MacKenzie | Reasons Why Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work

Keith Parsons | Things You Thought You Knew About Wi-Fi, but Actually Don’t…

There are a surprisingly large number of things about Wi-Fi which are counter-intuitive, how many do you know?

Brett Martin | Can I Really Build an All-Wireless Office?

Brett Martin explores how to build an all-wireless office, the challenges, and if it’s actually a good idea in the first place.

Stuart Carley | Why Half-Baked Wi-Fi Design Will Give You Indigestion

Stuart doesn’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter approach’ to wireless design. No two networks are the same as lots of different elements need to be taken into account, and therefore no two designs should be the same.