Jussi Kiviniemi | Ekahau, Wi-Fi and the Universe

Jussi talks about what’s new with Ekahau. He also talks about the kind of changes Wi-Fi engineers should expect with Wi-Fi, wireless tools, and their jobs.

Steven Heinsius | 7 Ways to Fail + 7 New Ways to Fail: The Famous Fourteen

When Steven created ‘7 Ways to Fail’ he just wanted to make a summary of common mistakes and how to prevent them, he never thought they would become famous. Now he has 7 new fails, creating ‘The Famous Fourteen’!

The Famous Fourteen Handout

Peter MacKenzie | Expellianalysis

Removing problems from the hand of your network – Protocol Analysers can be magical troubleshooting tools, providing the information within trace files is correctly interpreted. This session will give some practical tips for interpreting WLAN traces files and highlight some common mistakes made.

Nick Turner| Ekahau Custom Report Templates

Nick Turner is a self-appointed authority on creating custom report templates for Ekahau. In this session he shows you his top tips and tricks to create the perfect templates which can save you hours of tedious manual report creation.

Dobias Van Ingen | How Analytics Will Become a New Superpower in Our 24/7 Wi-Fi Infrastructures

A famous quote by Heraclitus is “The only thing that is constant is change”. Mobility is growing faster than ever. More devices are using wireless technology, and newer and faster standards are constantly on the horizon. Controllers, access points and other infrastructure devices collect more data than ever before. Dobias discusses how to use this data to optimize, monitor and innovate your Wi-Fi infrastructures.

Keith Parsons | Things I’ve Learned about WLAN Design (After Teaching Hundreds of Classes)

Based on Keith’s experience teaching thousands of students – he tackles the things NOT to do when designing Wireless LANs. He then focuses on the tips, tricks, and techniques to make designing WLANs as simple as possible.

Round Table Discussion

Our speakers take to the stage to discuss 802.11ax, AI and the ideal Wi-Fi Design toolkit.

Jussi Kiviniemi | In The Year 2000

Mark Krischer | Understanding RF

Matt Fowler | AI and Analytics in Wi-Fi

Jim Steinbacher| Hacking Wi-Fi

Aaron Scott | Stadium Wi-Fi Design

Keith Parsons | The Difference Between Wi-Fi that Works and Wi-Fi that Doesn’t

Round Table Discussion

Jussi Kiviniemi | Wi-Fi Site Surveys – Absolutely Essential or Time Wasted?

Jussi explores what a wireless site survey is, their value to the design process, and whether you need to do them.

Peter MacKenzie | Reasons Why Wi-Fi Doesn’t Work

Keith Parsons | Things You Thought You Knew About Wi-Fi, but Actually Don’t…

There are a surprisingly large number of things about Wi-Fi which are counter-intuitive, how many do you know?

Brett Martin | Can I Really Build an All-Wireless Office?

Brett Martin explores how to build an all-wireless office, the challenges, and if it’s actually a good idea in the first place.

Stuart Carley | Why Half-Baked Wi-Fi Design Will Give You Indigestion

Stuart doesn’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter approach’ to wireless design. No two networks are the same as lots of different elements need to be taken into account, and therefore no two designs should be the same.