Wi-Fi Design Day Online


Wi-Fi Design Day gives you the opportunity to hear from thought-leaders, and subject experts from across the Wi-Fi industry. We know you want content with real educational value, and that’s what we work hard to give you.

If you missed out on Wi-Fi Design Day 2020, or just want to recap, register today for full on-demand access to the recordings and slides from the following sessions:


Anssi Tauriainen

Anssi Tauriainen | Ekahau

Ekahau Innovation – What’s New and What’s Next

Join Ekahau’s VP of product management, Anssi Tauriainen, for an update on what’s new from Ekahau and what’s coming next.

Peter MacKenzie | MarQuest

Standardised WLAN Design

Ask 10 Certified Wireless Network Experts how to design a wireless network and they will give you 10 different answers — and then debate those answers for the next 4 hours. Is there really such a big divide in our industry, or are they all arguing the same thing, just using different language? Join us as we discuss whether a standardised design framework can bring us together — or if it will just add another voice into an already congested space.

Karan Gupta

Karan Gupta | Arista Networks

Automated Root Cause Analysis in Wireless Networks

Karan looks at the process of building an RCA (Root Cause Analysis) engine for a Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi RCA engine can help you to identify the root cause(s) of an issue or a symptom based on the available observations, system knowledge and the domain knowledge. For example, if there are 10 possible reasons why a single client or a set of clients may be facing the ‘Low Data Rate’ issue, a Wi-Fi RCA can deduce that only 2 out of those 10 are responsible. You can also run the RCA engine periodically for automated network assurance.

WiFi Ninjas

Matthew Starling & Mac Deryng | WiFi Ninjas

How to Design Wi-Fi for a 720,000 sq. ft Warehouse

Find out how the WiFi Ninjas designed a wireless network for a warehouse with a really challenging environment; 125m long aisles, 18m high and just 2m wide. Did we mention that coverage was required at all heights?

Tom Barrett

Tom Barrett | 7SIGNAL

The Future of ‘Work From Home’

COVID-19 has ushered in a significant change in the global economy, with up to 42% of people working remotely—the majority for the first time ever.

Unfortunately, employees can’t bring their enterprise-level setup home with them and trying to run the same applications on standard home Wi-Fi networks and hardware can create a few challenges. After this session you’ll better understand the issues presented by ‘remote workers’ and how to better support them.

Keith R. Parsons | Wireless LAN Professionals

7 Things I Wish I’d Learned Earlier in my Career

After two decades dedicated to designing, installing, and troubleshooting Wireless LANs – Keith shares the things would have made his experience easier. A chance for you to learn from Keith’s mistakes. Important issues to understand about 802.11, vendors, and customers that can make your life better.

Marc Jackson

Marc Jackson | Cambium Networks

Mesh Wi-Fi and How 802.11ay Can be Used to Improve Outdoor Deployments

Marc will discuss his love–hate relationship with Mesh Wi-Fi and take you on a journey through some wireless mesh use cases. He’ll also provide an introduction to 802.11ay and how it can increase the capacity and performance of some outdoor wireless networks.

Carter Burke

Carter Burke | AccelTex Solutions

The Subtle Art of Wireless Antenna Configurations

Join the AccelTex team as they discuss real business cases of wireless antennas deployed in challenging and unusual environments. Find out how these solutions required customization to adapt to their environments and how they resolved issues to enhance overall productivity.